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Public Plans

Public plans are plans created using the DMP Tool service and shared publicly by their owners. They are not vetted for quality, completeness, or adherence to funder guidelines.

Plans (1279)

NSF-BIO: Biological Sciences (2015- )

Shark biomechanics A

Emily Ray, University of Arkansas at Little Rock (
NSF-SBE: Social, Behavioral, Economic Sciences

Criminal Victimization and Perceptions of Community Safety in 12 United States Cities

Vanna Chi, Non Partner Institution
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Data Management Plan for the High Density Critical Pairs Concept Exploration System Project

Steven Landry, Purdue University System (
Department of Energy (DOE): Office of Science

Complete Information on Nuclear Reaction Mechanism for Nuclear Applications

Hye Young Lee, Los Alamos National Laboratory (
NSF-CISE: Computer and Information Science and Engineering

NeurodiVR: Data Management Plan

Nicole Radziwill, James Madison University (
Department of Defense (DOD)

West Point Museum Research Data

Brian Rayca, Johns Hopkins University (
NSF-EHR: Education and Human Resources

The Virgin Islands Partnership to Increase Participation and Engagement through Linked, Informal, Nurturing Experiences in STEM (V.I. PIPELINES)

David Morris, University of the Virgin Islands (
U.S. Geological Survey DMP Guidance

Surficial Deposit Mapping of the Waynesboro East 7.5’ Quadrangle, Virginia

yonathan admassu, James Madison University (
NSF-EAR: Earth Sciences

AR or HAI Data Management Plan

Scott Fridkin, Emory University (
NSF-CISE: Computer and Information Science and Engineering

SaTC: CORE: Small: Cryptographic Software Fingerprinting

Osp Cnu, Christopher Newport University (