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Best practice made easier

With a free, community-supported service that makes it easier to create machine-actionable data management and sharing plans (DMSPs) that meet funder requirements and follow open science best practice.

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How does the DMP Tool work?

Simplifying data management and sharing plans for researchers and institutions with the DMP Tool’s efficient, best practice-oriented, and compliance-designed approach

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Customization tools for researchers and institutions

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A mechanism for registering a DMP ID

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Best practice guidance to ensure plans are structured and optimized

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Participating organizations can provide feedback on plans

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A click-through wizard for creating a DMP that complies with funder requirements

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Direct links to funder websites, help text for answering questions, and Research Data Management (RDM) best practice resources

Getting started with the DMP Tool

Create data management and sharing plans that meet requirements and promote research.

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What are the benefits?

Quality plans promote research integrity, support reproducibility and help to ensure data security.


Promote best practices in research data management and sharing

Ensure your requirements are met with funder-specific templates

Enrich your organization’s research graph to track research outcomes


Comply with funder requirements for data management and sharing

Create a plan quickly and easily, on your own or in collaboration with a colleague

Get credit and extend the reach of your research


Provide guidance at scale

Track the impact of your organization’s research programs

Support open science and FAIR data stewardship throughout the research enterprise.

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Join our community of research institutions and promote your requirements and resources.

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Explore the DMP Tool's features and functionalities to enhance your data management and sharing processes.





News and updates

New release

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Posted on April 26
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New Project Director Joins the MAP Pilot Project

Posted on February 26
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DMP Tool 5.0 Release

Posted on January 24
By mariapraetzellis

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