Promote the DMPTool

Help spread the word about the DMPTool! Use the materials below to inform researchers, librarians, administrators and others about the tool. All materials are available under a CC-Zero license.

DMPTool logo

  • DMPTool Logo (blue), with tagline - EPS, SVG, PNG
  • DMPTool Logo (blue), no tagline - EPS, SVG, PNG
  • DMPTool Logo (green v2), with tagline - PNG
  • DMPTool Logo (green v2), no tagline - PNG
  • Original DMPTool Logo - PNG


Advertise the DMPTool to students and researchers at your institution.

Talking points

Need to get others on your campus interested in the DMPTool? Use our Talking Points to guide your discussions. In general, a talking points document is designed to help you stay on track during meetings with those outside of your department. It ensures that your major points are at hand and helps you make progress towards the goals of the meeting.

General purpose slides

We created a generic slide deck that you can use to introduce researchers and others to the DMPTool.