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Plans (710)

NSF-GEN: Generic

Use of telemetry and the Acoustic Wave Glider to study southern flounder migrations

Joseph Luczkovich, East Carolina University (
USDA - NIFA: National Institute of Food and Agriculture

Seedling establishment and woody-plant encroachment in Southwest Rangelands

Luis Weber-Grullon, Arizona State University (
NSF-CISE: Computer and Information Science and Engineering

NIST Public Safety Innovation Accelerator

Matthew Hudnall, University of Alabama (
NSF-BIO: Biological Sciences (2015- )

Solving Critical Problems in Plant Science - from Bench to Market

Samuel Hazen, University of Massachusetts Amherst (
NSF-SBE: Social, Behavioral, Economic Sciences

Dissertation Research on the Litigation Process

Reid Krell, University of Alabama (
NEH-ODH: Office of Digital Humanities

A unified approach to preserving cultural software objects and their development histories

Christopher Cabrera Thompson, University of California, Los Angeles (
NEH-ODH: Office of Digital Humanities

The Emily Strange Collection at the Oxford Public Library

Lauren Howell, Non Partner Institution
U.S. Geological Survey DMP Guidance

Continuous monitoring of biological and nutrient data at reservoir and tail water sites in central Kentucky

Mac Cherry, United States Geological Survey (
Department of Energy (DOE): Office of Science

Gluon Saturation Search in the Small Bjorken-x Region Using the LHCb Experiment.

Cesar da Silva, Los Alamos National Laboratory (
NSF-EAR: Earth Sciences

Effects of mine waste materials in the north-central Mojave desert

Hong Xu, Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi (