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Public Plans

Public plans are plans created using the DMP Tool service and shared publicly by their owners. They are not vetted for quality, completeness, or adherence to funder guidelines.

Plans (1279)

Digital Curation Centre

Impact of cavitated caries lesion treatment in anterior primary teeth in patient-centered outcomes and in survival of teeth - Systematic review and Randomized clinical trial

Tamara Tedesco, Non Partner Institution
Template USP - Mínimo

Biomechanical and functional aspects of the musculoskeletal system of runners: chronic effects of therapeutic exercise and aging

Isabel Sacco, Universidade de São Paulo (
NSF-EAR: Earth Sciences

Analysis of the main focuses of netizens from Weibo topic list and hot search list

Linzi Huo, Non Partner Institution
Digital Curation Centre

To study the car MPG in city

Zhanwen Du, Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) (
Template USP - Baseado no DCC

Predição de declínio de profissionais durante o processo de de recrutamento usando ciência de dados

João Campos, Universidade de São Paulo (
Digital Curation Centre

Mean arterial pressure reduction during the first ten minutes after general anesthesia induction using propofol bolus or triated target-infusion: superiority randomized controlled trial.

Gabriel Guimaraes, Non Partner Institution
Data Management Plan - AUS Funded Research


Sami El-Khatib, American University of Sharjah (
NSF-GEN: Generic

Example 2

Hammad Khan, The University of Texas at Arlington (
NSF-GEN: Generic

Example 1

Hammad Khan, The University of Texas at Arlington (
Institute of Education Sciences (U.S. Department of Education IES)

Análise de série temporais

Douglas Chagas, Non Partner Institution