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BCO-DMO NSF OCE: Biological and Chemical Oceanography

Collaborative Research: Quantifying the ecological role of Gulf of Maine deep sea coral gardens at multiple spatial scales.

Rhian Waller, University of Maine System (UMS) (
Department of Energy (DOE): Generic

Carbon Capture Multidisciplinary Simulation Center

PHILIP SMITH, University of Utah (
NSF-SBE: Social, Behavioral, Economic Sciences

CAREER: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination

Patrick Button, Tulane University (
U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

The contribution of water retention, nutrient loading and microbial community to mosquito breeding and West Nile virus transmission in Spokane County

Krisztian Magori, Eastern Washington University (
Digital Curation Centre

“Caring for Patients while Recruiting for Research”: A Mixed Methods Protocol for Constructing a Professional Identity of Physician-Researchers in Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trials

Romiya Barry, George Washington University (
NSF-BIO: Biological Sciences

LTREB: Drivers of temperate forest carbon storage from canopy closure through successional time

Jason Tallant, University of Michigan–Ann Arbor (
Digital Curation Centre

Beyond decentralisation - Building local development capacity for collaborative, pro-poor planning and delivery of outcomes that matter

Chris McInerney, Non Partner Institution
USDA-NIFA: National Institute of Food and Agriculture

Enhancing Stress Tolerance in Cereal Crops using Transgenerational Epigenetic Memory

Christopher Benson, Pennsylvania State University (
NSF-SBE: Social, Behavioral, Economic Sciences

A Framework for Adaptive Sampling of Social Science Research Data Using the Twitter API: Understanding Social Media Communication During Crisis Events

Carl Stahmer, University of California, Davis (UCD)
Department of Energy (DOE): Office of Science

Data management for the Large Hadron Collider beauty experiment.

Cesar da Silva, Los Alamos National Laboratory (