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NIH-GEN DMSP (Forthcoming 2023)

Rhode Island IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence

Christopher Hemme, University of Rhode Island (
NIH-GDS: Genomic Data Sharing

Improving the quality of stem-cell derived insulin-producing cells

Xing Jian, Coriell Institute For Medical Research (
NIH-GDS: Genomic Data Sharing

Data Management with the Broad Institute's Data Use Oversight System (DUOS)

Pamela Bretscher, Broad Institute (
NIH-GEN: Generic (Current until 2023)

Mechanisms and Targeted Control of Pancreatic ß-Cell Antioxidant Response

Alissa Novak, Indiana University (
NIH-GDS: Genomic Data Sharing

Global and local ancestry modulate APOE association with Alzheimer's neuropathology and cognitive outcomes in an admixed sample

Michel Naslavsky, Universidade de São Paulo (
NIH-GEN: Generic (Current until 2023)

Mobile regulation of craving training (mROC-T) to improve dietary intake in rural adolescent girls year long

Grace Shearrer, University of Wyoming (
NIH-GEN DMSP (Forthcoming 2023)

NIH for Marquette Template

Danelle Orange, Marquette University (
NIH-GEN: Generic (Current until 2023)

AntiVEGF therapy vs Ozurdex for the treatment of Diabetic Macular Edema

Wendell Jones, Washington University in St. Louis (
NIH-GEN: Generic (Current until 2023)

BioNORAD: Fast Scalable Pandemic Risk Assessment of Influenza A Strains Circulating In Non-human Hosts

Ishanu Chattopadhyay, University of Chicago (
NIH-GEN: Generic

Sample NIH-GEN dmp

Elizabeth Brown, Binghamton University (