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Public Plans

Public plans are plans created using the DMP Tool service and shared publicly by their owners. They are not vetted for quality, completeness, or adherence to funder guidelines.

Plans (79)

NIH-Default DMSP

Structural basis of eukaryotic clamp loading

Dirk Remus, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (
NIH-Default DMSP

Suppression of duplication-mediated genome rearrangements by protein sumoylation

Huilin Zhou, University of California, San Diego (
NIH-Default DMSP

The University of Chicago Consortium for Food Allergy Research Clinical Research Center

Christina Ciaccio, University of Chicago (
NIH-Default DMSP

Pharmacogenomic Testing to Optimize Methadone Maintenance Treatment: Acceptability and Feasibility Trial

First Last, Washington State University (
NIH-Default DMSP

Pre-frontal tDCS as a novel intervention to reduce effects of post-stroke fatigue while improving language and attention in aphasia

Ellyn Riley, Syracuse University (
NIH-Default DMSP

Spreading depolarizations initiated by hypoxic-ischemic injury signal risk for brain death

Jesse Skoch, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (
NIH-Default DMSP

Advancing genomic, transcriptomic and functional approaches to combat globally important and emerging pathogens

Daniel Park, Broad Institute (
NIH-Default DMSP

Optimizing implementation of long-acting injectable PrEP

Steven John, Medical College of Wisconsin (
NIH-Default DMSP

A natural peptide antibacterial to treat bacterial vaginosis

Gauri Rao, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH) (
NIH-Default DMSP

Innovative Deep Phenotyping of African Americans at Risk for Alzheimer’s disease

David Loewenstein, University of Miami (