Project Title  Template  Organization Owner Download
EVASÃO ESCOLAR BRASIL: PADRÕES E FATORES RELEVANTES Institute of Education Sciences (US Dept of Education) Non Partner Institution Cassia Fernandez (new window)
Data Management Plan NSF-SBE: Social, Behavioral, Economic Sciences University of Minnesota (UMN) Veronica Horowitz (new window)
Ciência de Dados: Análise de sentimentos NSF-GEN: Generic University of São Paulo (USP) Tharsis Novais (new window)
EAGER: High-throughput, culture-independent technique identifying cyanobacteria infections to improve understanding of carbon biogeochemical cycling BCO-DMO NSF OCE: Biological and Chemical Oceanography Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Sarah Preheim (new window)
Tomasic_Universal Transit Assistance U.S. Department of Transportation Public Access Guidance v1 Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Anthony Tomasic (new window)
Profiling Chromatin Dynamics in Response to Pathogen Attack in Zea mays NSF-BIO: Biological Sciences (2015- ) Iowa State University Maxwell McReynolds (new window)
Impact of Forensic Evidence on the Criminal Justice Process NSF-SBE: Social, Behavioral, Economic Sciences Non Partner Institution Tawny Rogers (new window)
analysis of Brazilian financial investment funds CVM - Escola Politécnica - PPGEE - PCS Department of Energy (DOE): Generic Non Partner Institution Antonio Newton Licciardi Jr (new window)
Female Gangs: A Focus on Research Alfred P. Sloan Foundation University of New Mexico (UNM) Robert Carriaga (new window)
Root Trait Genetic Characterization NSF-BIO: Biological Sciences (2015- ) Texas A&M University Alfredo Delgado (new window)