Project Title  Template  Organization Owner Download
Coho watershed hydrologic resilience dataset U.S. Geological Survey DMP Guidance U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) alicia torregrosa (new window)
The Effects of Heat on Amateur Athletes NSF-SBE: Social, Behavioral, Economic Sciences Arizona State University (ASU) Bryant Redmond (new window)
Harvard Dataverse dataset NSF-SBE: Social, Behavioral, Economic Sciences University of Washington (UW) SHEANA CORBRIDGE (new window)
NRT: Transdisciplinary Education for Resilient Rangeland Action Science NSF-BIO: Biological Sciences (2015- ) Non Partner Institution Scott Denning (new window)
Court Workforce Racial Diversity and Racial Justice in Criminal Case Outcomes in the United States National Institute of Justice (DOJ) University of Washington (UW) Shiyi Luo (new window)
Data Management Plan for NSF Track I IRES project NSF-EHR: Education and Human Resources Non Partner Institution Antonino Cucchiara (new window)
Additive Manufacturing for Spare Parts Supply Chain NSF-ENG: Engineering University of Tennessee, Knoxville Nawei Liu (new window)
Thermal Effects of Bombardment in the Early Solar System (ThEBES) National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder) Stephen Mojzsis (new window)
Examining temperatures and microgeochemical processes on fault slip surfaces with synchrotron methods NSF-EAR: Earth Sciences Utah State University (USU) James Evans (new window)
Minha SP NSF-GEN: Generic Non Partner Institution Arthur Gusmao (new window)